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    • Wow, hard question. I think you need to start with a good diet and an excellent gym trainer. But before that, the discipline should start from within because it won’t be easy committing to such an objective. 😉

  1. Norman — I agree with you that Jenette would be a great fit at the Miss World pageant, too. I’m sort of disappointed that there aren’t many tall candidates this year (unlike last year when there were about 6 candidates were taller than 5’8″). There are so many beautiful faces this year (Sabrinne Al-Tawil, Patricia Tumulak, Shamsay Supsup, Isabella Manjon, etc.) who would be truly competitive internationally if they just had another inch or two added to their stature. Sigh.

  2. Tall (5’9 or taller), smart and articulate, there’s only one candidate who I think fits that description and has a chance at grabbing a semifinalist spot at this year’s MU in Sao Paulo — and that is candidate #1 = Jenette Mieko Noguchi. She needs to lose a few more pounds to be competitive, however. There’ll be more than enough “Latinas” in Brazil elbowing each other for the crown, so Jenette’s styling should emphasize her Japanesque and oriental beauty so she’ll stand out. Keep min mind that Miss Japan Riyo Mori won the crown in 2007 when the pageant was held in the heart of Latin America (Mexico). Jenette I bet will be the tallest Asian candidate (5’10″+). She is also assertive, smart and extremely fluent in English — qualities that are appealing to Trump. If Jenette wins the BB Universe title (which I hope she does), she will be THE Asian candidate to watch at this year’s Miss Universe in Brazil.

    • I also like Jenette. But she needs excellent styling for better impact. IMO, she is a perfect fit for Miss World (with her angelic singing voice and all) but then again, Miss World Philippines is an entirely different pageant now.

  3. MJ Lastimosa did well during her stint for Mutya ng Dabaw and Ms. Aliwan (Ms. Kadayawan), I like her but i think she is short compared to all other contestants. Just wondering why she is representing Manila instead of Davao.

  4. ako din nagustuhan ko rin sa jenette tmang styling at kungting bawas ng timbang okey n siya maging rep. sa miss universe. Si tumulak ksi maliit pang ms. international lang.:)

    • Jenette’s styling should include the perfect hair for her long face. I’m not sure if Japanese-looking women would be a hit in Brazil but she does seem to have all the right qualities to win, on top of that enviable statuesque frame.

  5. hi mr.norman what can u say sa representative ng malaysia ang ganda niya ms. world plang dati gs2 k na siya?

    • Let’s put it this way. Malaysia badly wants their MU rep to enter at least the semis. So instead of sending a Malaysian-Chinese girl, they’re putting their bets on a tried-and-tested Malaysian-Indian beauty queen to do just that. I like Deborah Henry but she is more fitted in the Miss World mold than Miss Universe.

  6. I can’t believed that Grendel Alvarado was only 5’6 she looks tall. She’s also one of my bets in the pageant hope she get more slim before April.

    • And let’s also hope she gets past that overage rumor. I’m not sure how old she really is. Nonetheless, she would make a worthy inclusion in the Top 24 if ever.

  7. Well after watching the video, Jenette Noguchi was very appealing, I like the voice quality and you can sense that she’s intelligent woman. She can improve alot, hope she can be one of the Top 24

    • Jen Noguchi is really articulate, just as Isabella Manjon & Shamcey Supsup are. I’m sure they will be part of the 24. I have a particular liking to fresh-faced Luzelle Felipe but she is still raw & untrained so this should be a good training ground if ever she gets in.

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