10 comments on “Sabrinne Al-Tawil wants to conquer Bb. Pilipinas 2011!

  1. At a competitive height of 5’9″, Sabrinne can stand shoulder to shoulder with the frontrunners at this year’s Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paolo. Send a Philippine candidate who is shorter than 5’7? Think again. Candidates from Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, and Colombia are ALL taller than 5’9″ this year! Even candidates from Malyasia and Indonesia are 5’10” this year. Miss Kosovo is a six-footer. Sabrinne is not only sufficiently tall, she also has that multi-ethnic look that makes her look different from different angles. She could pass as Turkish, Lebanese, Greek, or even Latina. Hell, she’ll have them guessing in Brazil without her sash! She is so very fluent in English and answers questions in English naturally, unhesitatingly and spontaneously. She’s also had experience representing the Philippines in an international pageant. Her styling could be refined a bit more but MU is 5 months away so it’s a no-brainer. She IS my favorite for the BB Pilipinas MU and she certainly has what it takes to be one of the frontrunners in Brazil this year.

  2. AL-Tawil: paki ask lang po sino ang nag liposuction sa kanya? di bA DAPAT ang manalo sa Bb. Pilipinas yung
    TUTOONG GANDA na hindi dumaan sa SALAMAT DOK!

  3. Patricia is too short at 5’6, that’s her real height. I prefer natural beauties than surgically enhanced ones.

  4. Patricia tumulak? may kaliitan sya at 5´7″. Kung sakaling manalo sa national pageant, baka manliit sya pag kalaban nya mga ibang lahi na… at pag maliit, maliit ang chance. yon lang!

  5. hi mr. norman prang pang 90’s po ang beauty niya, ang bet ko po tlga sa bb.universe si patricia tumulak ang ganda pra po ly jonatis ng venezuela. pwde po siya pang international 🙂

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