4 comments on “The lone (lotto) winner takes it all – P741,176,323.20 in cold cash!

  1. after a lotto draw, losers do turn 360 degrees and end up in the same cold, desolate and lonely place- valley of tears. But Filipinos- of all nationals- have unique fighting spirit. They go with the cry “Quitters never wins” and queue once more in lotto outlets for a ticket or two.

  2. “Your life will take a 360 degree turn from this point on so you’d better take extra care of yourself and your loved ones.”

    don’t you mean, 180 degrees turn?

    just a thought….

    • Keen eyes, iris.

      The expression “360-degree turn” is amusing because you end up in the same place. Reason why you must be thinking that a 180-degree turn is more appropriate.

      But when you return to the same place after a 360-degree turn, you are a different person and you see things differently. After winning P741M, the winner will definitely be an ultra-rich individual who will have a different perspective in life therafter.

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