6 comments on “I love my HTC Wildfire!

  1. Were you able to update your Laputa Reader to v 3.0.5.? because i can’t update it with my wildfire ;( it’s stuck in v 3.0.3 ;(

    • Patricia, my Laputa Reader automatically updated itself. There was just a prompt on the screen asking me if I want it updated and I clicked it.

  2. Here in the states I have the HTC Incredible and I LOVE it too! Its a great alternative to the Apple Iphone.! 🙂

  3. Two days. That’s good battery life. I could not last even a day with my HTC Hero. Happy to hear that this new phone has better battery life.

    My 0.02 on the Nook or Kindle – I’m not a big fan. The Kindle is a free app with the iPad/iPod Touch/PC. And all of those gadgets do more than display eBooks. So – Kindle ( or Nook ) may not be the best gadget to get. Some people think I’m crazy for reading books on the iPod Touch. Since you seem to be reading from a phone — I think you will agree with me that you get used to the small screen. And since the Kindle app synchronizes the bookmark across all your gadgets – I switch to the iPad (or even the PC ) when I want a bigger screen.

    • Lord, I am near-sighted so reading books on a small screen doesn’t bother me at all. I’m still mulling whether to get the iPad or not because it looks just like a supersized iPod touch to me.

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