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  1. Hey, yes i do have the channel, and i am a HUGE fan and would love to try for it but not sure if Pakistan is eligible and no way to check but will apply none the less, fingers crossed ! And also i hope its sometime this year !!

  2. Hey, i wanted to know when can we start applying for season5? and if Pakistan is one of the countries eligible for the race?

    • Hi z, audition/application dates for TARA5 have not yet been formalized. Stay tuned for this. Meanwhile, based on previous seasons’ eligibility requirements, citizens of any country in Asia which AXN-Asia covers can join. Do you have this cable channel in Pakistan?

  3. i am so happy that the indian girls performed very well
    as said by some one they are not celebrity wannabe
    they are well known in this country as tv stars
    i am not sure this emeldy is even an indian
    btw so happy for all the 3 teams who finished the race line

  4. “The “Richards” look like they are an Alpha Male duo but I just don’t feel it – a far cry from Rovilson Fernandez & Marc Nelson – my benchmark of a strong male-male team. Besides, Rich Herrera strikes me as a society boy who might find the demands and provisions of the race too spartan for his own comfort.”

    “So far, the spoilers I’ve read are not entirely encouraging”

    “I hope that I am wrong, but my gut instinct tells me that they will not do well in the competition.”

    I guess the Riches have proven your gut instincts wrong:-)

    • Yes, gianini, I pre-judged them. Reason why I apologized in my blog yesterday morning. The good thing is, they proved me wrong. Mabuhay kayo, Richard & Richard! 😉

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  6. I think it would be better if all the people involved in the race are all real people. It’s already a pain in the eyes to always watch those celebrities everynow and then on tv. Real people represents all walks of life in our society. I am a filipino but Im a big fan of Natasha and Hussein because they are cool,as well as The Richards because they are very competitive and strong. The producer of this event has to really choose real people rich or poor or whatever is the profession and career in life as long as its not a celebrity. Its also nice if there’s a celebrity edition in this reality game show to show distinctions. I’m really sure people will love to watch both of the distintions.

    • I hear you, bintaro, If it’s any consolation, the Richards and Jess (except Lani) were not celebrities yet when they joined. Richard Herrera was once a fashion model in his younger years but disappeared from the scene ever since. Richard Hardin was a basketball player in his younger years and is now working as a coach. Jess is actually a businesswoman and part-time model.

      Should there be a Season 5 (which will depend on the clamor from fans around Asia), the Philippine team/s will hopefully from ordinary people who happen to have the right passport or a Philippine passport loaded with visas.

  7. when in comes to sport that requires longevity or pure energy…count on the the philippines…they are always a big threat.

  8. i think that team Indonesia will win this season. although i haven’t watch the finale episode, i have strong feeling that they will win the race. its because they already have a commercial. ryt??

  9. Only indonesian contestant,india,HK,singapore and malaysia is truly from their country, 2 contestant from pinoy is not from their country example richard and richard both of them growup in usa/canada,the party girls from ausi ….hmmmmmm

  10. Only indonesian contestant,india,HK,singapore and malaysia is truly from their country, 2 contestant from pinoy is not from their country example richard and richard both of them growup in usa,the party girls from ausi ….hmmmmmm

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  12. Where is the team from Thailand. I can’t find out why there isn’t one in series 4.
    Is it because the previous “Thai-not-Thai” teams made such idiots of themeselves ?
    Or, because Thai Airways is no longer a sponsor?

    • Just like you, I’m not sure why Thailand is not represented in Season 4’s race. Probably none among the applicants passed their strict screening.

      • Sorry Norman, I’ve lived in Thailand long enough to know that there is more to this than your explanation!
        I think that my (thai) wife and I might apply for the next series, or maybe you should have a go yourself?

  13. So far so good… hope to see either 1 of the PH time be number 1 in a leg…

  14. hey guys please help me i din’t catch the last episode and im searching it in youtube but i can’t find it…. waaah… im looking forward to help me so that i can watch the thrill and drama!!!! go philippines…

  15. Hi All!
    My name is Silvia and I’m from Bulgaria.I enjoy to watch all season on Amazing race Asia from AXN.I want to watch a real ordinary people here.
    I wish luck everybody.
    Kr Silvia

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  17. Its sadden me to watch TAR Asia. Why are we so celebrity driven. I don’t mind 1 or 2 model or actor team but majority. Oh common let’s be real. Where are the real people. I am hug huge fan of TAR US, they have good mixture of people . Last Season there were few real people and they won, but this time around it feel like the producer are looking for a calender model. So far i am going to stick with the Malaysian Team. Both are real people and the father and daughter team from Indonesia.

    And i want some Gay or Lesbian please …………….

    BTW I am from India, and the Team from India are celebrity wannabe soooooooo a definite NO NO from me.

    • My sentiments as well, emeldy. I would really be happy seeing ordinary people join the race, instead of celebrity types. By the way, Season 1 of TARA had a gay couple representing Sri Lanka, while the 2nd season had a duo of Singaporean lesbian racers.

  18. ive been favorite of amazing race and amazing race asia, but for what i can found in amazing race asia, nearly most of the contestant were celebrity, compare to the amazing race global, come on we been watch em on tv b4, not to watch em in amazing race asia again!!! coz i dont think that only em apply to be in amazing race…so may orther contestant outhere, i mean not from celebrity….
    sorry for my comment…hahahha

  19. Thanks for the info 🙂

    I hope that I am wrong, but my gut instinct tells me that they will not do well in the competition.

    To be honest, TARA 2 is still my favorite among the 3 past seasons. The racers selected were awesome, not to mention the comic antics of Marc and Rovilson and the drama of Terry and Henry.

    Worse or not, I’m still going to root for team Philippines!!!

  20. What’s with the the 2nd team?? Aussies transplanted to represent the Philippines? don’t we have better competitors?

    • Exactly my sentiments, kris. But I think the producers are playing it safe with racers holding passports other than a Philippine-issued one because that will save them the time applying entry visas and divulging the countries of destination. Philippine passport holders can’t just enter Australia or New Zealand without prior issuance of visas. FYI, the only countries where a Philippine passport holder can gain instant entry are ASEAN, HK, Macau, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Israel, Costa Rica, Morocco and a couple of Carribean Islands. And except for ASEAN, the other pit stops are likely to be countries which require pre-applied visa.

  21. Just to clarify Rich Herrera is not a brother nor he is related to Teresa Herrera of Project Runway. He is not a society schmuck, and does not parade his prowess on TV shows to show he’s macho. Just watch the rest of the episodes before you start mouthing off.

    • I stand corrected about the connection to Teresa Herrera. But as far as the ‘society boy’ image’ is concerned, that has always been my impression of Rich ever since he started modelling in the Philippines. Of course, that was ages ago since he is already in his early 30s. He may have already mellowed from his days as a Cosmo hunk and doing steamy pictorials.

      At any rate, I really want him and Rich Hardin to go far in this race because after marc & rovilson took 3rd in season 2 and geoff & tisha placed 2nd in season 3, i want a Pinoy team to win this thing! So far, the spoilers I’ve read are not entirely encouraging….they should prove me wrong since I am a TAR and TARA fanatic. Thanks for dropping by, gianini!

      • Rich Herrera is not from the same family as the host of the local Philippines project runway. He is a male model, and former host of Solar Entertainment, Chill Spot, a lifestyle show with Karen Pamintuan, and Gino Quillamor. We will cheer on the “Rich-es” and hope they bring home the gold!

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