2 comments on “Mad about T (or Terenzo Bozzone if you will)

  1. hi,

    i’m a fan too,,,but i do race and taking it a step at a time…this jan. 9 i will be joining the SUBIC MARATHON. Next year also will train for bike and last will be a swim…and you probably guess what will be next…just want to comment on “you don’t have the drve and physical watever”, that aint true. I couldnt built this site either,,,but you did. Try to think deep and gather your thoughts…I would wanna see you feel whats the most amazing feeling u could feel…

    • Nice comment, Joseph. It’s true – building this blogsite is no joke. But then again, there are so many factors well within my sphere of interest that solidified my entry into the same. One clear high is seeing my daily stats increase and stabilize. I’m just not sure if I can say the same thing with running, swimming and biking. But who knows, I used to be a walkathon competitor in my younger years. Thanks for dropping by! 😉

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