27 comments on “My Favorite Miss Universe 2010 National Costumes

  1. top national costume 10
    1. indonesia
    2. ireland
    3. czech rep
    4. korea
    5. albania
    6. turkey
    7. lebanon
    8. egypt
    9. usvi
    10. Brazil

  2. i also love fonthip :))

    she’s cute and fabulous ..

    but i love rima fakih. kaso d xa win ee ^^

    like ko dn ung . nat.cos. ng miss japan ^_^

  3. wow,i am so great to know miss thailand win the best nationnal costume and am very like your web to much see and cheer the next year hope i see you again ..

    • Khop khun khap, sarocha! I will surely be covering Miss Universe next year again! Just to let you know…I love Fonthip! 😉

  4. hi! i stumbled upon your blog coz i was searching for articles on Miss Thailand’s costume.

    yep! she’s my number one! the moment i saw her on stage with that outfit on, she instantly owned me! the Thais were amazing to come up with her costume. it was unmistakably Thai, yet it was modern and oh-so-fasheen! i just love it to bits!

    that and Fonthip being exquisitely lovely… no wonder she bagged her awards for Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume 🙂

    great read on your blog, btw! keep it up 😀

  5. thailand national costume very great they desind from elephant ..c, every know elephant stay with thai name longtime …go to win miss thailand

  6. Wow!!!! I loved so many of the costumes,and the ones that look the best in my eyes are.
    Miss- Mexico (Ximena)
    Miss- Denmark (Sandra)
    Miss- Haiti (Sarodj)
    Miss-Russia (Irina)
    Miss-Puerto Rico (Mariana)
    All of the contestants are beautiful,and have such grace,but the elegance,beauty,style of this five Lady’s is just amazing.

  7. Oo nga Thailand din ako at Venezuela.Pero Thailand talaga nag stand out at ang galing nya magpose at magdala ng costume.

  8. Your pics are really good. Costumes are supposed to be representative of the contestant’s country’s culture. I am Trinidadian but I really don’t like Ms. Trinidad and Tobago’s costume at all. Don’t get me wrong, it does depict our colourful multiracial society and the vibrancy of our most popular cultural pastime which we have exposed to North America and Europe – our West Indian styled Carnival, but the costume should have been much more elaborate after all Peter Minshall, one of the most celebrated Mass makers did the opening of 2 Olympic games because his designs were so superior. Her costume looks too cheap, maybe they should have asked Peter for some assistance. The Miss Universe of 1998 had what I would describe as the perfect Miss T & T costume ever. Thailand, Puerto Rico and Japan are my favourites for this year. Thailand has the perfect costume….I congratulate the designer.

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, rhon! Thailand really has the perfect costume. It effortlessly stands out from the rest.

  9. eto naman ang pwedeng rentahan ng club mwah
    trinidad and tobago
    us virgin island
    venezuela- di ko talaga ma gets itong costume nya, parang tanga

  10. at ang winner for me is UKRAINE, very simple and down to earth, pang miss universe talaga

  11. eto naman choices ko for best NATIONAL COSTUME : in random order yan
    british virgin island,
    great britain, hungary,
    sige philippines na rin, pero d ko gusto ang color at palawit lawit na black, pero dahil filipiniana , pwede na rin

  12. my top 10
    1 Venezuela i like her metal style look like a miss robot
    2 USA i like her hair and wings
    3 Georgia i like her color combination and i like red cross shield
    4 Phillipines i like her blossom style and shes beautiful
    3 Dominican Republic i like her wiph and diamond princess
    4 Canada i like her scarf and her hair style
    5 Thailand i like her jelly hair
    6 Jamaica her great big colorful wings
    7 Australia i like her boots very much
    8 Japan i like her temari fan
    9 Haiti shes very very splendid girl
    10 Korea i like her gown style

    i like the petticoat of virgin island

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  14. Thailand and Venezuela are absolutely wonderful, great national costumes. I reckon Miss USA has got a great one too! But my favourite is Ukraine. The simpleness yet effective design of her outfit is amazing. It shows culture, the dress is somewhat shaped like the traditional costumes of the area yet it looks modern. The thing is it’s representative of a bail of Wheat, Ukraine is after all the “breadbasket of Europe”.

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