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  1. just want to commend on you great blog sir Norman.. Thanks for all the infos you’ve shared =)

  2. I recently bought, a CherryQ300, Ive tried to brows youtube and play, it didnt. And try to uploud youtube files from pc to CherryQ300, still didnt pay youtube, But notice, when record a movie clip, the format is MP4, Now my Question is if I would upload an MP4 formatted movie clips will it Play? Oniothe question is Im trying to upload a program from Cherry Mobile Apps to play Youtube. (flash 1.0) it requirs 400mb, I havent continue cause my Q300 doesnt have a memory yet, If I down loaded an apps wjhere will it stored ? in the external or internal memory?………. whether small or large size app?

  3. Do you know how to turn on/off the flashlight? Mine opened twice without me knowing how it happened, and the only thing to was to turn the unit off 😦

    • That happened to me before as well. But since I’m no longer using the unit (gave it to my relative actually), I never got into knowing how to turn it off.

    • You just long-press the camera button at the side of the unit to to tun on/off the flashlight

  4. hi! i’ve got the same fone but i cannot open mp3 formats neither watch on youtube. is there some settings that i have to change? thanks

    • If i remember right, I never changed anything in the settings anymore and the video/mp3 features worked. Your unit might be an updated one so better check with your supplier.

  5. Paano i-on yung flashlight? Tagal ko ng tntry eh. Hindi ko pa rin magawa. Pero dati nag on yan nung naipit sa bag ko. Pls help me. Hehe.

    • Actually, I have already given my Trident to a relative so I have no immediate means to check it out. Will give a reply once I get an answer. 😉

  6. hi norman, it’s me again john, can you please help me solve my concern with my trident because currently i’m experiencing delayed messages from my 3rd sim. usually if you’re not going to turn off your phones chances are you will receive your txt messages a day after.

    with regards to the wi-fi im also experiencing memory full. how come? i dont even save any video or images in my phone?

    can you update me with this? thanks in advance!

    • John, that is one of the hiccups of a triple sim phone. The 3rd sim suffers in terms of limited features (just plains voice calls & text; no mms and more) and I wouldn’t be surprised with the delayed receipt of sms as well. As far as the wi-fi is concerned, have you enabled cookies? Try clearing the log fields for mobile browsing.

      • hi norman,

        thanks for the immediate reply. given with this scenario, what do you suggest me to do, instead? really cant afford this kind of situation since im also expecting important messages which i may not receive on time and will cause me trouble in effect…right?


      • Either you put your least-used sim on the 3rd slot or if all three sims are of equal importance, I suggest that you have a separate phone for that. That’s what I don’t like about triple sim phones.

  7. Hello…sometimes…nagaactivate ung flashlight ko..pero di ko naman alam pano nangyari..pano po activate ung flashlight..actually meron dun icon..sa taas ng @ kaso di ko po alm paano gamitin..

    thanks po..


  8. sory but you told me upside tha”you can only save videos on the memory card because of the large space they require” and than “You can probably keep a short video or two internally but will need to switch the settings to external memory save afterwards.”so im litle bit confused does this kind of phones can memorize in internal memory any short minutage video or just in memory car?sory it my last question 😦

    • Sandra, if your settings are set to save in the memory card, then it will save there. It usually prompts you if the internal memory is already full.

  9. just one more question please.what is the role of storage in those kind of phones when it alredy saved videose without doing a storage?sory about bothering you and thhxxx a looot.

    • Mobile phones usually have limited internal memory so an external memory card is a must if you save videos. You can probably keep a short video or two internally but will need to switch the settings to external memory save afterwards.

  10. thnx a lot for the answer norman :))) they was been my private videos and i will tace care of courser in the future,but i was wored about those videos,so again thnxx aloot and all the best for you :))

  11. hi norman,i need an important answer pleaseee about trident,i haved this phone before two years and i wgot one private clip inside,im not sure if it was this trident,because i think my phone was from turkey and i think it was inside with two simcards,so my biig problem is this:i deleted the video,and before i make delete video a did it “storage”the phone asked do you wan to storage in memory card or in phone memory,and i maked in both of them,after one week i deleted the videos and a lost the phone,i mean it was stealen from me,soo ma question is,does the videos are memorized somwhere in memory card or phone memory,becaouse i did it storage to videos,or it is deleted completly from phone and the video does not exist,PLEAASE ANSWER ME,all the best :))

    • Hush, sandra. As far as I know, you can only save videos on the memory card because of the large space they require. If you have deleted it before the phone got stolen, then chances are it’s no longer there. Was it an incriminating video? If so, then the moral lesson is not to record if the content will be bad for you in the future. Otherwise, transfer to your laptop or PC.

  12. Hi po…. mka.play po bah ng youtube ang q300 at meron ba tong JAVA?? pwede ba itong mkadownload ng Games o Themes? Salamat poeh,….

    • I need ur answer poeh kc bibili ako n2 sa Summer, and i need to make sure na meron ba tlaga tng Makadownload ng Games o Themes, Meron b tong Java at mka.play ba ito ng Youtube??? I need ur answer kc baka pgbili ko n2 masasayang lng pera ko dahil wla lhat akng ini.expect na gusto kung gwin sa phone na Trident…

  13. sir, good evening! can i replace the ringtones for the messages for each sim? i use to have a myPhone Q22 duo and it supports that feature so i know which simcard recieved the incoming message just by hearing the tone. tnx

  14. Hello from Vietnam.
    Could you please confirm if it has function of auto start voice recording when we receiving a call ?
    Is the voice recording quality good enough ?
    Mny tks in advance.

    • Tony, I don’t remember having that auto-start function in my Trident. Actually, I already handed down the unit to my brother. I asked him to check that feature and he said that it doesn’t have it. It’s possible that the later releases do have the same but not the first batch they manufactured. Thanks for visiting my blog! 😉

  15. Hello! tanong ko lang. Gaano ka tagal yung battery bago ma low-batt? Baka ito bilhin ko next week. 🙂 Atsaka yung movies? anong supported na video at audio formats? sa tingin ko sulit ang pagbili ko dito. 🙂 Salamat.

  16. Hi! Have you tried downloading a theme or games in q300? Can you view youtube? It seems trident does not support flash coz i can’t watch videos on youtube. Hope you can help! Also, do you know what that red(volume-like or flashlight-like) icon in @ key does?Haha..I don’t know what it is for and how to use it.:))

    • Rex, my answer is no to your questions. I do have several phones so I haven’t tried your particular concerns with the Trident yet. Sorry. 😉

  17. hi! if you are made to choose between Cherry Mobile Trident and Torque Trinity, what is your choice. thanks.

  18. H! I’m planning to buy q300 but I’m not sure if the brand is OK. I need to have a dual-sim phone for convenience and it’s the only cell available here in our place with this feature. Samsung has a dual-sim but it has to be switched everytime you check for texts. I want a phone that automatically shows texts are received in either network.

    • If it’s a dual sim phone you’re looking for, the MyPhone Duo (Pinoy Phone) is a worthy choice. No switching needed and far more reasonably-priced at less at just a little over 3k.

    • Try the MyPhone Duo (Pinoy Phone) which is more reasonably-priced at just slightly over 3k. No switching needed for texts and has a good built as well.

  19. Hi Norman, hope you can help me with my q300. I just bought it a month ago and after 2 weeks of using it, it shut down by itself for at least 3x a day. what seem to be problem and also i can’t zoom the google map. should i go back to the retailer and exchange it for a new unit? hoping for your reply. tnx!

    • Allan, have you checked if the alarms are off? It’s possible that the phone shuts down at specified times of the day because of scheduled alarms. Otherwise, you can visit your retailer or the Cherry Mobile service center (I’m not sure of the address) for a replacement.

  20. sir i’m about to buy this unit…what about the 3rd sim, is it working properly already? does it receive text messages on time? lastly, can you use one bluetooth device for the 3 sims? thanks

    • John, all 3 sims work well simultaneously, except that that the 3rd one can only do calls and sms. About the bluetooth headset, i can’t answer because i don’t use one. Thanks for dropping by!

  21. what about Send to groups? does it have good send to groups feature…i mean convenient type like d nokia?

    • The phone won’t remind you of the convenience of Nokia, for sure. There’s no send to groups. It’s main selling point is the Triple Sim feature.

    • With so many buttons to push in this unit, the sent items are no longer collected in one folder, unless you save a particular message.

  22. meron bang sent items and q300? how about the camera captures? clear ba sya like yung sa sony ericson? di ba sya blurred? most of the new fones kasi ngaun mganda ang features pero pag.actual na ang pangit pala.
    how about the keypad tones? nasiswitch off ba siya?

    • 2mp yung cam nya, di masyadong maganda, tulad ng sa d880 ng samsung. of course masisilent mo yung keypad nya, the problem is pag yung volume button accidentally na press mo, nako po …. SO LOUD talaga! is it just me or yung touchpad nya sa gitna feel ko medyo mahirap.

      i got the phone for three days now. so far so good just wondering about the touchpad.

      may wifi sya, and it has ebuddy for ym, icq, msn etc, opera mini, facebook, limited ang games as usual,parang myphone.

      ok sya, for the features na sinasabi nila about the phone, they are all true, just dont expect a nokia or iphone or samsung or sony e quality

  23. i cant send mms if i use all 3 sims. message sms storage not yet ready appears. Cant also access phonebook. My phone only works if i only use 2 sims. Help please. Thank you.

    • Anji, what I know is that the 3rd sim can only do voice calls and sms, not mms. I can access the phone book by pressing the button for the corresponding sim. It seems to be doing fine in my end, except for the limited capabilities of the 3rd sim.

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