45 comments on “Indie movie watch: “Muli” (The Affair)

  1. This is my favorite pinoy indie film… because I can relate with my present relationship right now.. 🙂

    You can find a copy of this film but their are cut scenes in Quaipo (pirated). But I suggested to but original.

  2. did the dvd version come out already? im patiently waiting for it. Kindly update please.

  3. hi again! naipalabas na sya sa cinema one, i think sometime last April. too bad I wasn’t able to see it. Plus of course may mga cut na scenes din. like you, I’m really waiting for the DVD release :))) sana SOOn!

    • I’m not sure if the movie was shown on Cinema One, but I doubt it because it hasn’t been in DVD format yet. The delay baffles me.

  4. i’m anxiously waiting for the DVD of this movie. will they be releasing it??

  5. may dvd copy na po ba nitO? ang tagal kO na pO kase nagaabang ee. ;(

  6. I wish the DVD of this film is released soon. I am frustrated already with the quality of gay indie films being released.

  7. hello noel. please notify me once the dvd version of this movie is available. thanks.

  8. I’d like to watch this movie because I do believe it has the good cinematography as well as the actor itself are good. Where can I buy a copy of this movie or where can I download it?tnx.

  9. san po pwede makapanuod nito online..or san po pwede makabili ng dvd nito..tnx….

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  11. the movie was created beyond typical person and i salute all staff, creator, director and the artist.

    and Mr.Jerry Gracio you did a great job

  12. hi. where i could watch it online? nasa ibang bansa kasi ako,, pero mukhang magnda ang movie..

    • i’m not sure where to recommend watching it online. Let’s wait for the dvd version to come out. By then, something might be posted online. Thanks for dropping by, river! 😉

  13. please advise where I can purchase MULI here in Los Angeles or is it available through the internet sites.

    • The DVD version of the movie has not yet been released. Will try to let you know when it does. Thanks for dropping by! 😉

  14. Have seen the movie at Starmall Alabang — it’s simply unforgettable and heart-rending, ably directed by Mr. Adolf Alix and with topnotch acting by the whole cast. I can see it over and over again and not be tired of it. MULI is a great movie and deserving of awards here and abroad. Congratulations!

  15. MULI is still screening at Robinson’s Galleria, Robinson’s Imus, Robinson’s Angeles, Gotesco Grand Caloocan, Gotesco Grand Ortigas, Isetann Recto, Starmall Alabang, Starmall Shaw, Eden Cebu and Remar Cubao. Thank you for the continued support.>>>From Adolf Alix’s fb account…

  16. gusto ko din malaman kailan isscreen to in theaters nationwide. Share niu naman saken kapag alam nio na. Thanks! 🙂

  17. I really want to watch this movie. I wonder where I can purchase the DVD.

    Oh, the press highlights this film and it definitely raises my expectations once I get my hands on this film: According to an interview with one of the people who worked with this film, “… put to shame those of the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal’s in the landmark Ang Lee movie Brokeback Mountain which was so critically acclaimed that it helped erase the stigma attached to actors playing a gay character.” Well, it’s a relative case. I believe this film would be a breakthrough in the Filipino demographic. I have high hopes that this film would go far – wherever it may be – and as I watched a glimpse of the film, I bet it’s a sure winner. Break a leg, guys! Plus Sid Lucero is in it too so the caliber of acting should be above average.

    • The dvd of this movie has not been released yet. The movie just premiered at Cinemalaya and still waiting for limited commercial exhibition. It should come out in the said format a few months thereafter. And yes, I am optimistic with “Muli.”

      • Pakiconfirm namn po kung kailan ang commercial screening nito.. Ive heard on the 6th of august in Robinson’s galeria but I’m not quite sure.

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