2 comments on “Ximena Navarrete: a winning ace up Lupita Jones’ sleeve?

  1. First of all my friend you have to learn that Mexico is not a central american nation, but part of North America. Ever heard of NAFTA?

    I definetly do not see Brazil, or Puerto Rico ahead of Mexico this year. Probably Colombia and just because of height.

    We shall see in Vegas

    • Arthur, I stand corrected. And yes, I’ve heard of NAFTA. It’s just that the visuals in my mind have always shown Canada and the US occupying North America. Anyways, I want to give all Miss Universe candidates a fair shot of winning since the pageant has not yet started. Of course, the competition takes on a sharp turn once they start arriving in Vegas and the real contenders start taking their spots in the list of actual favorites for the crown. Thanks for visiting my blog! 😉

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