30 comments on “Bruno Mars: did you know that he is half-Pinoy?

  1. hi norman. i randomly check this post..its so late but still a shout out to the man bruno! he really is one hell of a talent. hav u check how’s his humor? try to read my blog post ‘bruno mars humor us’ ul get the idea 🙂 btw..i will include u on my blogroll. :))

  2. Really? He’s a half- Filipino? Another great Filipino talent to be proud of.

    • Yes he is, and if rumors are to be followed, the guy might just hold a concert in Manila next year. Fingers crossed for this! 😉

  3. i really feel blessed that i can sing like bruno mars in his song Billionaire. haha! I’d wear a hat and sunglasses, and sing his songs.

  4. I really like Bruno Mars really just the way he are and knowing that he is a Filipino now I start loving him.

  5. Here I am listening to ‘Billionaire’ while plastering a comment here. His voice really is cool.. Thank you for the info about him..

  6. ohhh,i Love bruno mars and all of his songs,he has a new sonGz with jackie Boyz and its so nyce…:) his voice is so amazinG,OMG

  7. i already knew that..that he is half filipino half Puerto Rican.. but..look? both blood from different countries make cool., and pretty nice face… awesome voice. cool skin tone nice eyes. and cool swirly hairdo..

  8. Bruno Mars’ voice is like that of Michael Jackson on his “Off The Wall” era. His voice is so cool and somehow pitch perfect. Everybody just got a hook on “Nothin’ on you” especially on Bruno’s singing part. I remember this one show where B.o.B. performed Nothin’ On You without Bruno Mars and the crowd just went “hey where’s that other guy who sings beautiful girls?”, the crowd didnt get that hyped. And on the other hand, when Bruno did this on one of his gigs with Phil Lawrence minus B.o.B. everybody went crazy, imagine those are the chorus lines! Sorry Bobby Ray but i think Bruno owned Nothin; on you, but i think it would be like brother to brother respect and B.o.B. gave Bruno that amazing break.

    it’s also weird cause same effect does with “Billionaire”, Bruno’s lines were the most anticipated rather than Travie’s rap verses. Much respect though to the coolest tattooed guy in the planet! I don’t know.. there’s something with Bruno’s voice that’s really amazing even the boys just went gaga over him. Lol!

    • Thanks for dropping by, Markus! You nailed it right on the head. “Nothin on You” and “Billionaire” won’t be the same without the cool vocals of Bruno Mars. 😉

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