10 comments on “Ushoshi Sengupta: I AM SHE Miss Universe-India 2010

  1. India needs to step up its game. All the contestants (not just the winners) for the Miss India show seem below average for what is actually required to become Miss Universe. The girls may have other qualifications but unfortunately its still a beauty pageant n u do need physical beauty to make it through the preliminary rounds before u get a chance 2 open ur mouth and show off ur intellectual abilities.

    I am really not impressed. I heard they changed their management. Maybe thats the reason. Whoever is selecting these girls is doing a very poor job. You definitely don’t need to b light skinned with straight hair to win. I am all for a dark skinned Miss India but facial features need to pop n look amazing which is what is lacking in my opinion. There is nothing about the face of these girl that sticks in ur mind. They r all forgettables.

  2. Ushoshi has a big chance of winning. Something tells me she is going to make it to the top 5. Best Wishes to her.

    Yes, she is beautiful and certainly seems brainy.

    Abhishek (first comment) should probably spend less time judging others and more time perhaps learning to spell or atleast learn to use spell-checking tools.

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  5. I think she won by her qualification or else but she is not beauty or perfect for miss universe. From which side i ll tell her she is beauty ?

  6. Miss India universe 2010 .i don’t think so that she can win the title of miss universe 2010 . all though its not about only beauty . even then beauty plays important roll .

    so for me miss india universe 2010 she not that much beauty full as she should be .

    • I respect your opinion, abhishek. Let’s just wish all the Asian delegates good luck so that there won’t be another wipeout of the region like what happened last year in the Bahamas.

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