5 comments on “It’ll be a Lee VS. Crystal finale on American Idol: whose side are you on?

  1. I’ve been hooting for LEE since day 1. I believe he will emerge as Season 9’s AI.

  2. Crystal Bowersox is the real deal.

    After the judges’ and producers’ pimping for Lee last week, I can only hope they do it to Crystal this week. Or at the very least, they should keep it fair for the both of them. I have one sure indicator: if Lee still gets the last spot on the finale, it’s obvious there’s been a huge bias on the producers’ part. Lee got the final spot last week, that’s the only reason he got the staggering votes. Crystal deserves that spot this time, just to be fair.

    Anyway, go CRYSTAL BOWERSOX!

    • Crystal is getting the last spot during the finale, so that should even up things a bit. I’m really torn between the two but may the best performer win during the showdown. It’s all up to the votes. Thanks for dropping by, mac! 😉

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