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  1. i made myself updated bec of dale’s participation in the pageant… first noticed her in turismo pilipina and was just so excited knowing that she joined ms. earth. she has the beauty, brain and confidence… seen her in person in one of the pageants in the prov which she was chosen as judge and indeed so Filipina beauty and gorgeous! wow.. if i cud remember it right she too won best in gown (filipiniana) in turismo pilipina… truly a star… antique is so proud !!!

    • Cagui, thanks for the blog visit. I couldn’t agree more. Antique should be doubly proud of Emerie Dale now that she has been named Miss Philippines-Air. 😉

  2. hi..not really a big fan of pageants coz i’m a soldier…a cadet and an army officer to be. But I was stunned by Dale’s beauty….when I saw here photos, can’t help it but just stare..then i started searching for her name….and I am thankful for your blog and for the photos you’ve posted…I came from Libertad, Antique town adjacent to Pandan, Dale’s hometown….hope to met her if given a chance when I go back in Philippines and start my tour of duty…..thanks with a good smile of my face…

    • Ryan, i can’t blame you for getting smitten by Emerie Dale’s beauty and charm. She is gorgeous indeed. And to think that you come from the same province! There should be a good chance of meeting her in person when your tour of duty in the country commences. Good luck! And hey, thanks for visiting my blog! For that, I have a bonus for you. Here is another shot of Emerie Dale during the Miss Philippines-Earth finals. Enjoy! 😉
      Miss Mun. of Pandan Emerie Dale Cunanan being acknowledged during the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 finals.

  3. hmmnn..Well, all the candidates are gorgeous but we know its not the only qualification to clinch the crown . I like the top 10 favorites especially Ms. Emerie Dale Cunanan that represents Mun. of Pandan. She’s on top of my list to win the title despite her height when compared to other contenders.She’s one true Filipina that possess enchanting beauty, tough character, wit and intelligence. I strongly believe that she would make it to the top five. We are so proud of her!..Go Emerie!..Soar high Pandan!

    • Hey, may, thanks for visiting my blog! Watch out for my final picks for the crown this coming Saturday. Emerie Dale will surely be a part of the short list. 😉

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