3 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. replies to the Maria Venus Raj dethronement issue

  1. I am very sorry for what happened to maria venus raj, being stripped off of her crown due to misrepresentation which she did not commit but by her aunt with the intention of giving her legal identity after three years since her birth. Birth certificate’s data are sometimes if not oftentimes have some clerical errors and to some extent like the case of venus, her aunt, i would like to reiterate, just wanted to give her a filipino legal identity. Just like poor families i know and those with problems such as born out of wedlock, in order to avoid shame or embarrassment they conceal some facts. Being born out of wedlock is not venus’ fault and therefore she should not suffer from it. Venus’ knowledge about the misrepresentation on her birth certificate did not prompt her to take step to correct it because it would entails another burden on her poor family. Being poor also is not her fault again. so sad.

    • Venus’ glaring mistake was filling up her Bb. Pilipinas application form with some wrong information even before she submitted her official documents. And since she signed this form, BPCI took everything written in it as attestations of the truth about her background. In this regard, being poor has no correlation anymore. She could have been honest about everything – and I mean everything – right at the onset. Being an employer, I’d like to make a parallel scenario. It”s just like when someone is looking for a job in our company and is asked to fill out an application form which, after being signed, is taken as the utmost truth about the applicant. And if the Human Resource Dept. discovers something that is untrue or fabricated in the contents, he/she gets immediately disqualified from pursuing the vacant job or is asked to resign if the misrepresentation is discovered after he/she gets hired. It is really sad. I wish Venus and her handler/s had been more careful and meticulous by properly coordinating prior to registration to avoid any possible loopholes.

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