2 comments on “My favorites for Mr. World 2010

  1. Interesting predictions. I am in Korea and have met almost all of the contestants. It’s interesting how many are just judging/predicting based on photos and short 30 second videos on line. There were a few favorites right from the start including:

    Costa Rica

    However, I believe those contestants have now disappeared from favor.

    Upon seeing/meeting/talking with the contestants and knowing their looks in person (not re-touched photos) and their personalities, these are my predictions:

    WINNER: Brasil
    1st Runner Up: China
    2nd Runner Up: Czech Republic

    (Top 5): South Africa
    (Top 5): Canada

    And in no particular order …
    (Top 15): Korea
    (Top 15): Belgium
    (Top 15): Denmark
    (Top 15): Germany
    (Top 15): Cyprus
    (Top 15): Lebanon
    (Top 15): Wales
    (Top 15): Angola
    (Top 15): Bahamas
    (Top 15): Spain

    • Annon, thanks for dropping by! I’m just happy that one of my Top 15 picks won. Kamal seemed to be an underdog in the competition but his victory did not come as a surprise. Mr. Nigeria in the Top 3 was what surprised me a bit. 😉

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