5 comments on “Miss Thailand Universe 2010 winners

  1. Fonthip is beautiful and fresh after she was crowned as Miss Thailand Universe. But when she arrived in Las Vegas what went wrong? her face is undergone with surgeries. But anyway last 2010 is a great year for Miss Thailand, all of their representative placed in all international pageant.

    I wish I can go back again in BKK to witness a another crowning of Miss Thailand Universe 2011.


    • I agree. My Thai friends were aghast when she underwent not one, but two cosmetic surgeries just before flying to Las Vegas for the Miss U. Her face was still swollen when she arrived and it’s a good thing her enhacements healed fast.

    • She is. I just wished she did not undergo the surgical enhancements anymore before leaving for Las Vegas early last month. But the Thai organizers still prevailed and the poor thing had to go through her long-haul flight to the US with a swollen face. But that’s over and done and she went home with not one but two special awards.

  2. I’ll check it out! Thanks for dropping by! If you’re the site administrator of bookthairooms.com or the like, I can post a link in my site straight to yours. Just message me. 😉

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