One comment on “It’s the day before Christmas…how are you doing with your holiday shopping?

  1. Hello members,
    I just came across this forum when I was searching for information which can be easily found on this forum. Glad that I found this forum. Looking to contribute whenever I can and have a good time.

    A small introduction:

    I own a bridal bouquets
    e-commerce business. I started this biz prety reccently.I hate day jobs and business has been my passion always. When looking for advice A consultant advised me to give free report on what to look for when planning a wedding with every purchase that the customer makes.

    I am still single and I have not witnessed a marriage at close quarters. So I am looking for people who can share their experiences, fears and suggestions for people who are about to get married. Your time and effort will be compensated. Feel free to call me at 1-877-576-6237 or visit my site

    If you can share your experiences here it would be awesome too. Guide this fellow member.

    Thank You.

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