2 comments on “Movie Trailers of Metro Manila Filmfest 2009 entries

  1. Hi Norman,

    Thanks for the compilation. Nakaka miss talaga ang Filmfest which is another reason kaya masarap Pasko dyan sa Pinas.

    If I am there, these are the movies I will watch in the order of preference.

    1. Mano Po 2. Panday (because of the fantasy and great CGA…not the senator..)

    A. I love yougoodbye…….very predictable yung story…pang telenovela material

    B. Ang Darling Kong…pang bata….CG animation is not that great unlike Panday.

    Wapakman…..pam bata …no comment….stickwith boxing..

    Nobody x2 but 1….Nice for Dolphy to give job to his children

    Shake… kakasawa na..sobra haba na ng series

    For all you know yung Wapakman pa top grosser kasi maraming aguinaldo mga bata…..how much na ba sine ngayon?

    • Hey mon, thanks for dropping by.

      Anyways, a movie ticket here still costs cheap….around the equivalent of USD4-5.

      Will definitely be watching “Ang Panday” with my mom and bro. I still have to schedule the others because my holiday break is not always work-free.

      I’ll send you a dvd or two once they get released next month. 😉

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