35 comments on “Who is the Worst Celebrity Influence of 2009?

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  2. I kno a lot of you say she is just trying to be a normal teen but sometimes you have to choose between being famous and normal and she chose famous therefore she has to be more careful than “normal teens” because everyones watching her including children who look up to her so…

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    • To Miley Cyrus fans, I hate to burst your bubble but the girl should avoid being taken pictures like the one below because it really is a turn-off.

      Miley in one of her concerts.

  4. Hay miley i luv u (no homo) anyway i admire everything that u do i dnt care wat anybody says. anyway u can text me on yahoo and my password on yahoo is daidai u can text me anytme cuz i always wanted to text u ok bye bye lol

  5. heyy!!! y’no i did n blive dat she’s her….i..mean..MILEY????
    i wanna share a thing wid u dat m n indian and i m…sorry..i WAS a big fan f mileyn. In my grade ders a guy’, he’s my best friend and u know he’s a huge huge huge fan of miley
    i hope he’s unknown bout mileys ridiculous fotogrphs derwise he’ll b 222 upset
    hey u all guys plz tell me as bieng his friend shud i be unknown 2 d fotographs or just be calm n help him out?????
    well i did n blive dat its mileys …..! but i thnk katie is rite i mean dat shes a teen n can…oh leave it n leve her alone n 4 now i can JUST SIMPLY :
    reply me at:taniamehra_22@yahoo.com
    age;13 yrs

  6. Miley cyrus may be a b***h, but she’s a hell of a b***h 🙂 i don’t care. i don’t know her personally, so i don’t care much about her attitude or whatsoever. i only see her on tv, so her on-cam attitude is the only attitude i can criticize, and i don’t think there’s much to say about her on-cam. She’s pretty darn amazing 🙂

  7. could you please send me the link of Miley’s profile on facebook?

  8. miley i like your shows Hannah Montana but you are very pretty there but look at your self in the marrow with your under where. in august 2011 no more Hannah Montana on Disney channel.

  9. a picture with an underwear embarrassed wow miley you should look your self in the marrow
    ones you ugly.

    • miley i love ur new movie the last song and i dont like how people r saying that ur a slut and that u are ugly. i am 11 years old and look up to u but i would like if u stop puting pictures of ur self on the internet like that. if u can do this for me i will tell all my friends that u are the awesomest person in the world and if you dont stop doing that then i wont do any thing like say ur nice or do any thing like that. i am ur number one fan and if u come up to me and sign some thing for me i wont scream even though i am ur biggest fan.

      p.s. if u think i am weird dont write back and if u think i am kinda nice would u plzzzzz write back??????????

  10. Hi miley,i am a very big fan of yours.I really admire you very much but the thing is that i want to ask you if you could text me your email address so that we can text each other more.THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.VANESSA.

  11. miley cyrus is no fan of mine at all…why would she take a pic like that in her underwear??

  12. leave her alone she is 17 now she just doin wat every other teen would do. nobodies perfect. ever1 makes mistakes sometimes and miley may have made 1 but don’t hold it aganist her just b-cuz shes famous, no1 would hold it over yuh if yuh did something like this so don’t do it 2 her. it is not fair b-cuz your not perfect either. if she wants to be sexy let her if yuh do not like live with it 2-bad. poor thing she makes 1 mistake and evey1 holds it aganist her i wouldn’t do that 2 yuh so don’ t do it 2 her. Paige-Marie Kryla age 13

    • i agree with paige b-cuz she is tring to be a nomal teen and when u guys say those things about her than i dont think u are making her feel any better,so stop i agree with paige 100 percent and there is nothing u could do about it………..

      p.s. i am 11 years old

  13. Look at you guys. Fighting over Miley Cyrus (like she’s worth it), when we should be confronting the real evils of this world – rampant consumerism, tyrannical despots the world over, the children of Gaza, the recession and, above all, JUSTIN BIEBER!!! If we can end his reign of terror, what chance does little miss Cyrus have? If we band together, we can end this age of shitty music! All in favour of ending this age of musical torture, buy the singal ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ by MCR wherever you can, and play it for all the world to hear! Show these fools that we do have taste, and that we shall not be subjected to this bastardisation of music any longer! Welcome to the black parade. People of the internet and music lovers everywhere, UNITE!!!

  14. The only way to see celeb real personality is to see there photos off the screen ! So i think we all know miley’s real personality according to this 1 !

  15. Hi miley,i am a very big fan of yours.I really admire you very much but the thing is that i want to ask you if you could text me your email address so that we can text each other more.THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.VANESSA.

  16. well, what can i say?

    miley cyrus looks all innocent in the TV, and movies but in real life all actors are different, like tigerwoods, he is a excelent golf player and is admired so much in TV,
    but guess what?

    he is a sexaddict ok?

    but hey, katie has a point, teenagers at that point do this kind of stuff, like put pictures of themselves all “hot” and etc, so its something kind of normal you would see this days, and its not that old this post ok? it was just some months ago man!

    but you and her have a point so, yeah. both are right. (not a fan of miley cyrus) but i still do not think she should be blamed like that.

    • i so agree with yuh guys she is 17 now she can do watever she want i mean every makes mistakes right and nobody holds it aganist yuh so why do it 2 milet just b-cuz she is famous, wellll she is a regular girl 2 just with alot of money. so leave her alone, every teenage girls does something 2 get male attention, i mean i did something similiar 2 her and nobodies holding it aganist me so watz the point just leave da poor girl alone. Paige- marie Kryla 🙂
      age 13.

  17. These photos are old. Like all teenagers Miley Cyrus is just experimenting. She has alot to learn but is hardly as bad as other teenagers you see in the public eye. Shes not falling out of clubs drunk, abusing paps or many other things most teenagers do. These photos were personal and people should respect that. Love you Miley, full respect x

    • Just as this particular blog is old (Oct. 30, 2009). She could’ve amended her ways since then.

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