4 comments on “Theatre watch: “A Streetcar Named Desire/Flores Para Los Muertos”

  1. May 20. 2011

    Dear Sir:

    Town & Country Philippines is one of the country’s leading luxury magazines published by Summit Publishing Co., Inc. Each monthly issue released guarantees to deliver the finest in different areas of interest— from people, beauty and health, art and culture, fashion and jewelry, weddings, gadgets, home designs, and dream destinations.

    In line with our August 2011 issue, we would like to ask for your permission if we could use the photo of Ms. Ana Abad Santos that we found in one of your blog posts: https://normannorman.wordpress.com/tag/ana-abad-santos/. We intend to include the said photo in one of our feature articles.

    If you have any further inquiries, you can reach me at karenlegion@gmail.com.

    We are hoping for your kind approval regarding this matter. Thank you very much.


    Maria Karen Cristine G. Legion
    Town & Country Philippines

    Noted by:

    Yvette P. Fernandez
    Town & Country Philippines
    Editor in Chief

  2. I’m green with envy! I want to watch either versions but couldn’t find the time to squeeze it in my heavy schedule this month. Anyways, thanks for dropping by! 😉

  3. Watched the version with Eula as Blanche earlier at CCP! It was awesome! Love it! 5 stars!

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