2 comments on “Things to look forward to

  1. thanx for blogging this.. nice.. im excited about new moon too. =P
    btw, is it true that miss kosovo draguna (?) is the representative of kosovo for miss earth 2009?
    i have my prediction.. miss cuba or USA or Sandra – one of them will crown as miss earth 2009, miss mexico – miss international 2009 and perla betran (?) miss world 2009. what’s your prediction? …

    • Med, if you check Miss Earth’s official website (www.missearth.tv), the official representative from Kosovo has not yet been posted. I cannot confirm if Gona Dragusha will indeed represent her country, but I’d be thrilled if she does.

      Too early to make a prediction, but riding on the wave of success of their beauties this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if Miss Venezuela Jessica Barboza wins a 2nd Miss Earth title for her country. Of course, it is also possible for Sandra Seifert to make it two in a row for the Philippines. But so far, I find Miss Paraguay Gabriela Rejala very fetching.

      For Miss International, I sure would love to see our very own Melody Gersbach winning because she has the right look for that competition. On the other hand, I want to be just as optimistic for Marie-Ann Umali in the Miss World, but that contest – and Julia Morley for that matter – are soooo unpredictable. 😉

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