8 comments on “Must-watch Pinoy movie: “In My Life”

  1. I like this movie though i’m not filipino and can not understand even one word while watching it online. I’m looking for one with english subtitle but not easy to find it out. Do you have one to show me?? wanna get deeply the meaning of that film. Thanks.

    • Sadly, a lot of Filipino mainstream films (read: the ones which do not normally get fielded in international film festivals abroad) do not get sub-titled unless they receive invitations for exhibition or competition in Europe or around Asia. Anyways, if you’re in the US, chances are that there might be video/dvd stores (mostly in California where Daly City or Cerritos would be good bets) which carry Filipino movies with English subtitles. For the meantime, here is the English-subtitled trailer of the movie.

  2. just want you to know that this film won major awards at the 8th GAWAD TANGLAW – best actress, best actor, best supporting actor, best director/best film(one of the 3 winners). i guess what you said earlier came true. hoping for more awards to come.

  3. this movie made me cry and laugh at the same time, dramedy at its best. i’ve never seen a film like this in years. vilma santos delivered yet another powerful and sensitive performance. i agree with you she is really the meryl streep of the philippines.

  4. wow great review i also love this film and i agree with you that it’s a must see movie this year and ate vi gave another brilliant performance that can be considered one of her best.

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