10 comments on “Jacqueline Schubert: RP bet for Miss Intercontinental 2009

  1. It might be nice though if there were a pageant where the girls had no enhancements. I’m not against them myself and as age creeps in, I think I’m going to pay one of these highly respected skin clinics a visit. There is a pageant in Europe where only ladies with enhancements can join. Have you heard of that? It they have a pageant for them, then we should have one for the natural beauties, LOLOLOL!!! But then again how can you prove that a girl has had them or not? MRIs? Xray? LOLOLOL!!!
    So, it’s pretty much a non-issue!

    • Jaidee, I think there was also another pageant here in Asia (not sure if it was in China or Thailand) called Miss Plastic Surgery that focused on ladies who’ve had surgical enhancements done to their faces and bodies. At first, I wasn’t too sure if I would take the whole thing seriously but after awhile, I relented to the thought that the ‘improvements’ they paid for did not come cheap so they don’t deserve to receive endless potshots from all ends – just live and let live I guess. There’s also ‘The Swan’ contest on US TV but I wouldn’t strictly categorize them under beauty contest because the concept is more on transforming plain-looking women or ‘ugly ducklings’ to beautiful glamorous ladies.

  2. I was reading the Miss Intercontinental site and I think I read something that addressed “plastic surgery” and they said that while they admire natural beauty, it would be very difficult to police those who have had ‘improvements’ done to themselves. I think that as long as a pageant makes it clear what its policies are on plastic surgery then contestants have a guideline. Beauty pageants are like a sport. You do what you can legally to gain an edge over the competition. Until plastic surgery is declared illegal then it’s an open field. Now whether this is good or bad for the image of beauty queens/contestants in general is up for discussion. Another issue, of course is how thes affects women in general.

    • Actually, jaidee, I feel there’s no need to police these ‘improvements’ anymore. It’s already an accepted practice in beauty pageants, like it or not. In the Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss World, the organizers don’t really care if a candidate has had half a dozen nips-and-tucks prior to joining the pageant. In Miss Earth, it’s the same attitude but since the focus is more on the brains and the environmental savvy of a candidate, the ladies joining are mostly natural beauties except for those from countries who have been giving ‘mandatory’ enhancements to their representatives. As for Miss Intercontinental, I’m sure there have been ‘enhanced’ contestants in the past. It’s only this year that the issue has been raised.

      I doubt it if it will be declared illegal, unless the pageant is something like “Miss Natural Beauty Queen of the World” 😉

  3. А если посмотреть на это с другой точки зрения то не все так гладко получается

    • Sergio, first of all, thanks for checking out my blog.

      I tried translating your Russian statement to English (via Babel) and it roughly reads: “But if we look at it from another point of view, not all is obtained smoothly.”

      You are probably referring to the plastic surgery done to some beauty delegates. Also true. No pain, no gain. Getting yourself under the knife for physical improvements can be very painful during the healing period and there is even no guarantee of getting the “right” look afterwards.

      Hope I read your message correctly. 😉

  4. i spoke to jacky recently, they had lots of photo shootings going on. and they will be having their talents night, i think, because she asked for her cd’s. and she told us, there were lots of girls who have undergone surgeries. i think thats not really nice, this is a beauty competition, it should be a natural beauty, not some kind of plastic, enhanced body. are all international competitions like that? do u know the actual website where we can view the official contestants?. http://www.missintercontinental.com–is not yet updated.

    goodluck to jacky!! hope she brings home the crown..

    • Richelle, thanks for the update about Jacky. I agree that plastic surgery gives some ladies an unfair advantage. But then again, that’s the reality in the pageant world nowadays. Let’s hope the judges see beyond this and appreciate the natural beauty of our candidate. About the website, we have the same so I’m afraid I can’t give you another one. Thanks as well for visiting my blog. 😉

  5. Im so excited for Jacqueline, but she’s got some tough competition out there – I checked out the Ms Intercontinental website and the contestants are gorgeous!!! Let’s hope she prevails 🙂

    • Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Jacqueline. It may be an uphill climb but who knows what’s in store for her, right? Hey, jaedee, thanks for dropping by! 😉

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