6 comments on “Ready for Miss Venezuela 2010?

  1. im proud of my country when i see these beauties, definitely Venezuela has the most gorgeous womans on the earth, i’m glad i live here!

    • eduardo, beauty is relative. i agree that venezuelans are gorgeous but i am also of the belief that if no competition is provided by ladies from other countries, then there would be no excitement in the world of pageantry anymore. 😉

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by! If you ask me, I think there is still a preference for fair-skinned ladies. Elizabeth Mosquera happens to be darker than either Marelisa or Adriana. The organization must’ve learned their lesson when Carolina Indriago and Yinctzad Vina were sent to MU and did not even make the Top 5. Just my opinion. 😉

  3. Is the Miss Venezuela 2010 competition telecast in the USA? If so, what time and what channel in California?

    • Hey, david, thanks for checking my blog.

      As for your question, I can’t give a definite answer. However, I’m pretty sure that households (specifically Hispanics) who subscribe to Telemundo on cable TV will surely be able to see Miss Venezuela 2009. Check around your neighborhood if you happen to have friends or acquaintances with the Telemundo network in their channel line-up. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure Miss Venezuela will have a live streaming of the pageant finals on the net. You can google it or perhaps visit missvenezuela.com or bellezavenezolana.net

      • Yes, it is seen in the USA on the Spanish language Univision broadcast channels. You don’t need satilite or cable if you are lucky. The event took place last Thursday night and was repeated twice on Univision this weekend.

        Elizabeth Mosquera Miss Trujillo should have won. I wonder if the judging is fixed like the Donald Trump ones.

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