About Norman

I am a person of varied needs, views and interests so I decided to come up with a blog and gradually put all my thoughts in for other people to read and maybe learn a thing or two from.

If you see me posting at least one blog (or two) a day, then I must be inspired by practically anything or anyone. Otherwise, I could be into one of my occasional bouts of moodiness or just plain stuck somewhere around the world without a reliable wi-fi or broadband connection to lean on.

My perennial interests are neatly categorized in this blog under “my subjects of desire.” In the Shout-OUT-Looks section, I will be posting my thoughts on different subject matters such as dogs, work, habits, quirks, etc. And in Pageant Pages and The Movie Corner, it’s quite self-explanatory what kind of topics will come out of the category. Watch out for these reads as they flood the net! In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy whatever headlines are on the front page. I’ll try my best to keep them coming…

257 comments on “About Norman

  1. Norman, thank you for creating this website/blog for all pinoy’s who are pageant-freaks as I am. More power and keep up the good work! I feel what you are feeling right now from the just-finished pageant. I so love MJ, to me she is still our most qualified candidate over the past 5 years and I just love her aura and positive disposition. Pero ganun talaga, if not meant to be then we just have to move on but we will not forget how MJ fought for us! God Bless

    • You’re welcome, ewa.

      • Hi sir norman, is there a possibility for mj to join other pageant?

      • Not anymore. She’s 27 now.

  2. Norman, I replied to your blog about a poll on MJ’s gown and natco. I had the misfortune of placing it after one rabid opinionated disrespectful anti-everything follower of your blog. I got a response that I have never imagined would come from a civilised person. True, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but should not be expressed in a palengkera way. Or maybe, I am not used to the language of beauty parlours or bangketa or palengke. But is there a way of shutting off some offensive language and foul innuendos?


    • The Filipinos should file a petition to remove the Miss Universe franchise from the Binibiining Pilipinas organization. Enough is enough!!! The Miss Universe franchise should go to a dedicated and real Filipino like Cory Quirino. The petition should be send to Congress and Senate. There is no problem for a million signatures because almost all Filipinos will sign it. It is high time for a Filipino designer to take charge of the evening gown and national costume. Look at what happened to Megan Young who wore the most beautiful gown in Miss World that was why it helped her won.the crown. We were sending beautiful Filipinas to MIss Universe but failed to win because of ridiculous evening gowns and national costumes. Wake up Filipinos, someone should initiate this petition and once and for all, stop these shameful deeds of the Binibining Pilipinas organization. It is high time for Ms. Araneta to step down and give it to somebody else who is worthy and serious to commit that Miss Philippines must win Miss Universe. It has been more than 40 years that no Filipina win the Miss Universe title. If MIss World franchise is still with the Binibining Pilipinas organization, then until now Philippines has no Miss World title. Imagine it took more than 60 years before Philippines won a Miss World title and it was not coming from Binibining Pilipinas organization. It came from Ms. Cory Quirino’s Miss World Philippines franchise and it happened in just three years. Someone should start filing a petition NOW!!!

  4. Hi Norman,

    I appreciate your posts, excellent job! I wanted to request an interesting post for you. It would be interesting to see your personal opinion on beauty pageants and height requirements. Surely, there are girls out there with the beauty and the brains to snatch the crown, but lacking on height. Do you think that they should be given the chance to represent the ‘real’ side of Filipina beauty? Are there any beauty pageant bets of yours you would have liked to see with the crown but were short of the height limit?

    Fortunately or unfortunately, the Filipino people are genetically on the short side. The average Filipino height is 5’2 to 5’4. Yet beauty pageants impose a heigh requirement of at least 5’5″ to 5’7″. Should the height requirement stay, or should it be completely scrapped off? Is it fair or not?

    I hope you can have the chance to write about this topic. I’m sure a lot of people would be thrilled to read your take on it. Looking forward to it!

    Many Thanks,
    – C.

    • Let me have a look into the topic, Christine. ;-)

      • Cool, looking forward to it! :)


  5. Hello sir norman, just wanted to ask is there any chance that Bb. Pilipinas organizers would consider accepting a girl with only 5’4 height as a candidate? thank you so much :)

    • They already set 5’5″ as the minimum. Last year, they disqualified Dian Querrer shortly after she was announced as an Official Candidate. I want to say ‘give it a try’, but I might just be misleading.

      • oh.. i see, thats a bit heartbreaking. Maybe it’s not really for me, thank you so so much sir Norman for taking the time to answer my question. Godbless you sir! 😊

      • Hi Tito Norman,

        I’m such a fan of your Blog. How I wish to read featuring 8 Bicolanas of Bb Pilipinas 2015, namely Marvi Anne de Lima, Ria Rabajante, Mia Hernandez-Howell and Christi Lynn McGarry, Hanna Ruth Sison, Mae Liezel Ramos, Princess Villarente Camuand Ina Dominica Guerrero

      • They will come, Jason! ;-)

    • Hello Sir Norman,
      My name is Maria Ortega and I am an aspiring filipina model living in Canada. I have had some experience in modeling through an agency at Carolyn’s Talent and model agency back in 2012-2013. I was hoping that you could help me contact Mercator models as I am having trouble finding their contact information online. It would be greatly appreciated po. Maraming Salamat and I enjoy your blogs!

      Thank you po!

      • Maria, please email me at norman.blogsite@gmail.com

  6. Hi Norman,

    Happy New Year!!!
    I’m an avid fan of your website. It started when I had a crush on Diana Arevalo last year 2014. Saw your post about her so I became inspired by your love for her and especially for our country!!!! Praying you encourage her to join again. I sent an IG message to her and she replied… Thanks dear… No yes no No haha.

    Anyways I’m writing in behalf of my mother who is an avid fan of miss universe since she was young. She wished she had joined BBP before haha. Forwarding you her letter to BPCI regarding her wishes for 2015. Hope you can back her up haha :-)

    Dear BPCI

    Happy New Year!!!!! Praying and hoping for four things to happen in 2015 for BPCI…

    1. No more bb Pilipinas tourism crown … It’s a waste for a filipina winner like my crush parul shah

    2. Allowing world class filipino designers to dress our winners during their competition especially the miss universe

    3. This years competition to be held before MARCH 6, 2015. That’s that 27th BDAY of ISABELLE DAZA. Your age requirement is below 27 on the date of the pageant. I am in love with her and it would be your asset that she will do the back to back win for the Philippines for miss universe as MJ wins this year. And another history that Philippines will be the only country that both mother (Gloria Diaz) and daughter (Isabelle Daza) won miss universe.

    4. Miss universe 2015 finally be held in the Philippines!!!

    May God bless BPCI most especially Mrs. Araneta with wisdom from above!

    God Bless You More and more!

    Mabuhay PHILIPPINES!!!!


    God Bless You More And may you lighten up the filipinos reading your blogs even more!


    • Happy New Year, Blue!

      • Happy New Year Sir Norman :-)

  7. Happy New year sir norman,

    Hope you could send this very nice suggestion from an MJ fan MARCJ83 from Sydney through her handlers:


    Please get a tan before you go to Doral, i know its a big no no in the Phils getting a tan but blerghhhhhh being white is so zzzzz im brown but i even fake tan lol itll just make your skin more radiant/sun kissed and even make u look slimmer and sexier!!!!

    Straighten your hair.. Let the Latinas have the big froo froo hair embrace the straightner.. wear hair extensions ..Don’t curl ..it’ll just make your face look bigger.

    No fake contacts but if u do need to wear it wear the contacts that make the pupil look larger the more natural..natural eyes suit u more.

    With makeup i think you already know what looks good on you.. Please look back at your debut in 2011 you were spot on! Also some people say neutral lipstick look good on you … yes some but stay away from lipstick that match your face colour cos it’ll just make your lips more bigger… maybe even use lip liner to border your lips..it’ll make it pop!

    Wear high heels not the high platform heels.. its weird but i think they just make you look more shorter.. Only wear the platform heels when you can hide them but when you wear short dresses wear high heels…hot sharp heels not only cos they look hot but you can injure the other contestants!

    Try not to do much squats or use weights on your legs cos it’ll make your thighs bigger, try going on all fours and do leg lifts or do butt lifts.. these exercise will tone your legs NOT bulk them and lift the butt. (this is a good tip for most of you i know you guys have problems with ur short bulky legs LOL)

    Enjoy every second of ur stay and refrain from giving controlled smile cos whenever you control your smile we can see it and u tend to look scared and uncomfortable. Smile!!! Laugh!!! You are Miss Universe Phillppines! Act like a bakla cos ur fans go crazy when you do!!!! YOLO! FUCCKKKKKK!!!

    • Happy New Year, too. Let’s hope she gets to read this, or I will make sure she reads it.

  8. Hi shared a comment on the Ms Asean blog not to throw any bad blood but just telling the reality.
    Sana we dont tarnish our Country by sending candidates na questionable.

  9. Hello Norman! This is John Michael Angelo, an author of the Obsessed Beauty Pageant Fan blog and I would like to please do apologize if I do not ask permission first from you to grab a photo for your site for the article Miss Arizona USA. I do credited the photo to you and I wanted you to read this article >>> http://obsessedbeautypageantfan.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/miss-usa-2015-update-former-mutya-ng-pilipinas-runner-up-queen-turned-miss-arizona-usa/

    I hope you can also follow my blog and tell to your readers that I am new to the blogging world of beauty pageants. Thank you so much and if you can email me regarding the matter of borrowing your photo, just email me at beautypageantfanaticforever@gmail.com

    Thanks. Looking forward to your reply soon.

    John Michael Angelo
    Author of obsessedbeautypageantfan.blogspot.com

    • No problem. Credits are always good. ;-)

      • Thanks sir norman. Please do read and visit my blog if you have time and you can comment on the newest beauty queens for 2015. Please also promote it. Thanks for your kind support.

      • Hi Norman-I will be watching The Miss Universe in Doral Miami . I live in Miami. Do u know any supporters who are organizing to visit or welcome MJ Lastimosa as she arrives i n Miami. We could also meet up if u like . Let me know .

      • I will blog something about it once the details are final.


    Ooops… Error 404

    We are sorry, but the page you are looking for does not exist.

    Please check entered address and try again or go to homepage →

    Miss Supranational Official Social Media:

  11. Hi Norman! This is Anne. Planning to visit Singapore in January 2015 when I go home to Manila. I will book my own flight but I am not sure which is the best location for hotel in Singapore that I should book. I am sure you can give me some suggestions as this is my first time to visit Singapore. There are couple of locations that I should pick from – Geylang, Chinatown, Little Inda, Financial Dist, Colonial DIst, etc. but which is the best place – that is close to shops, restaurants & important landmark of Singapore. I would like to book hotel that will not also cost me an arm & a leg as I might be staying there only for 2 nights. Will be waiting for your suggestion & advice on this. Thank you much Norman & I hope to see you soon!!!

    • Hi Anne, Geylang is around the red-light district so you might not be at ease in that location. Both Chinatown and Little India are interesting and with a lot of food and cheaper shopping options around. Financial and Colonial Districts are dotted with pricier accommodations. If I were you, I would stay in a hotel on the Orchard Road area. Otherwise, either Chinatown or Little India will do. My personal recommendation for a place with a good address/clean rooms would be the YMCA Orchard. It’s just a step above basic, but it has most everything you’ll need. ;-)

      • Thanks Norman for the info. That would help me a lot in booking my hotel in case I push through with my travel plan.

      • You’re welcome, Anne. ;-)

  12. hello sir norman,

    i came across this write-up from missosology, if this is true, pls. advertise it her in normannorman to help valerie in her bid for miss world 2014….salamat…

    Once again the Miss World App remains the only place to have your say!

    Pick your TOP THREE via the Voting Panel on the Miss World App and your votes will decide who will be the People’s Choice at the Miss World Final!

    We want everyone to play a part in the crowning of Miss World 2014, so show your support and get voting!

    In-app subscribers get an additional vote!

    Find out more about the Miss World People’s Choice Award

    This year we also bring you additional high quality photo galleries of all the action in London.

    With the brand new ‘Hearting’ ability, you will be able to show your support for your favourite contestants and their pictures!

    With an improved layout, functionality and design, the Miss World 2014 app is your one stop guide to the Miss World Finals.

    With all the contestant bios, event schedules and everything outlined above, this app is unmissable!

    Due to Launch in November, the Miss World App will be available on iOS & Android, for download from The Apple Store and Google Play.

    *In App Purchases are required for some functions (www.missworld.org)


    • I am preparing something for that

  13. Hi Norman! Im a 26 year old from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Searching for news on MGI 2014 discovered your blog and wanted to congratulate you. I really enjoy reading all the pageant news and seeing all the pictures.
    Other than this I wanted to ask if you could help so my voice can be heard. Ive been trying to reach out to the MGI organization because what they have done by browning this so-called Cuban is a disgrace. I haven’t been able to contact them. Its as if they keep their contact information a secret. Ive left many msgs on their official site and sent e-mails and nothing. No response. …This girl is 100% Puerto Rican. Her mother, her father, her previous stepfather (who gave her the last name Garcia) and her now step father are all from Puerto Rico. I am sure she has never been to Cuba and has no relationship with Cuba…. Our flags might look very similar but that doesn’t give her the right to represent a country she has no relationship with. She is just demonstrating that by being fake and saying lies one can achieve anything and this is wrong. Mr Nawat and the organization should do something about this ASAP. There were many beautiful girls in that pageant that were actually representing their country that deserved this crown more than her. If you could help me in any way i would greatly appreciate it.
    Again, congrats on this blog. Keep up the great work! I hope to hear from you soon

    • Hi PuertoRican, my blog has readers from among the individuals working with MGI. Your concerns will definitely be read. :-)

  14. Hi Norman, Napansin ko doon sa Araneta Center Grand Christmas Tree Lighting Event hindi suot ni Ms. Parul ang kanyang sash na Bb. Pilipinas Tourism. I am just wondering why?

    • She forgot to bring, as per the feedback I got.

      • kept noticing d dark skin blemish near right elbow of mj. what was that?check out several pictures  posted ds week for you to validate! also recently a picture wd a wound mark on lower elbow of her left arm. we are talking about flawless skin! 

  15. Hi Mr. norman do you have any updates about Yachting model international?

    • Let me dig up.

  16. Hello Norman, I’m Rey Maranan an avid reader of your Blog I just want to be your friend. I am golden boy plus already but they said that I look a little younger in my age. Hope we can see each other in the future, I am a registered Civil Engineer single and friendly. God bless.

    • Hi, Rey! Thanks for the offer of friendship. :-)

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