102 comments on “Ariella Arida and the Mercedes Benz TV Ad

  1. i just dont get why some people here have to be rude to Ara. Ara is Phils representative for Miss Universe so lets just support her for the Phils and not just for Ara.

    • the gown of Ms. Philippines must be changed, as seen in the Ms. U website its color blue, the gown does not show appeal or sexiness, it should show her sexy body, she needs to flaunt it thru her Long gown

  2. Norms need mo ata magpatawagng ghost hunter! Nagkalat ang bad spirit sa bahay mo,pinugaran ng maligno, malapit kase araw ng mga patay!

    • Maligno sister mole! LOL. Hay nakakaloka. Akala ko sa MSS lang merong mga ganitong tao pero meron paring naliligaw dito, sakit sa bangs!

      • Pati ba naman sa bahay ni tito norms may mga maligno, sa misso nga kadaming nagsulputang kulto ng maligno, pati sa well bless na bahay ni tito norms may mga sinasapian, ingat ka sheena baka pati ikaw sapian, daanin mo na lang sa dasal para wag silang lumapit sa atin…. wahhhhh, dios ko lumindol bumuka ang lupa nabulabog ang mga lamang lupa! God bless this wonderful blog for a positive people and always guide ara for her jouney, thank you..

  3. @ Kelly Frei…sino yong “sir” na tinatawag mo? Siya ba yong alipin namin na tagahugas ng ARAnola ni Lola?

    • And he claims that he doesn’t BASH and just being honest. So that’s your definition of being frank with your comments regarding Ara. Oh please… Only a sh*thead will think this benji guy is not bashing Ara. Napaka doble kara ng taong ito. Tama nga lang na bipolar ang itawag sayo sa asta mong yan.

    • Tama ba naman na bigyan ng pangit na bansag si AHA at tawagin pang ARAnola? Kundi ba naman kabastusan na lang ang mga paratang ninyo. Wala kayong modo. Kayo na ang Miss Universe ng kabastusan. Aanhin mo ang talino kung wala naman kayong modo. Ang mga ugali ninyo mas masahol pa sa laman ng inudoro! @Benji @ Basil

    • @Sheena…I know all the while that you were waiting for that moment – that instance when I would make fun of the name ARA…and mind you, Lola Sheena, magtagumpay ka…nagwagi ka! It paid-off all your endless monitoring of my posts and finding the slightest fault that would implicate me for desecrating the holy name of your goddess — the goddess of “xxxcensoredxxx” ha-ha-ha. If you insist that I am a basher, then l can be one (I can really be mean and very cruel to the point that you cannot handle the truth). I am keeping in check my tress-hold though…I won’t stoop down to your level (or in Ara’s case, I won’t step-up to their level…because I just couldn’t…ha-ha-ha)

    • benji, there’s one word that perfectly describes you. PATHETIC. Get it? If you don’t, go get a dictionary to check what that means :)

    • Sheena…sabi ko na nga ba na ikaw ay si Margaret Cruz-Montenegro, na may anak na baliw na ang pangalan ay Nathan…Alam mo po, ma’am Margaret, sa yo ko lagi naririnig yang word na “Pathetic”. na yan…tuwing nakikita mo ma’am Margaret ang mama Emilia ko, yan at yan ang palaging bukam-bibig mo, Pathetic…mukhang wala ka nang iba pang alam na salitang english para tukuyin ang kinaiinisan mo. Pero ma’ma Margaret (aka Sheena)…”Pathetic” man ang mama ko, pero naman siya ay bidang-bida — tanong mo pa sa Papa Marco ko.

    • @Sheena / Dona Margaret,,,by the way, gusto mo ng sample ng pag-babash ko? Yong mild lang muna na makakayanan mo pa. I will give you two: 1. May nagtanong kung may “K” nga ba ang Ara, sagot ng mga die-hard followers nya…”but of course, doble-doble pa ang K ng aming Ara…” Well, confirm: ang candidate natin ay DOBLE KARA nga, bahahaha…2. “Do you like my shoes” tanong ni Ariella na mababasa sa blog na to…sagot naman ng mga kampon ko, “But of course…your pair of shoes look more expensive than your smile”…ha-ha-ha

  4. I am actually not surprised that offers keep on coming to AHA’s direction because now they can see her in person. I bet this is one of the reasons why experts and critics who practically base their assessments on online updates are surprised of AHA’s winning accomplishments. They will never be able to judge her rightfully until they are aound her physically.

    • TRUE! karamihan naman sa mga experts na yan sa misso, gb etc mga di nakikita pambato natin sa personal. kaya ako natatawa na lang. sa dami ng beses kona sila nakita. @@ basta sure ako… since 2010, now ko pa lang na feel that we will win. Go ara!

    • In fairness to her gown, the colour is nice. Since the background is white, it makes Ara’s colour pop out more. But not a fan of the design :\

      • Agreed. Compared to the other girls in the list, Ara’s gown looks like it was bought off the rack instead of custom-made for her. She still looks good, just not great.

  5. Norms, I’m so excited about Ara. She seems very determined. Do you have any inside scoop regarding her ACTUAL standing at this point? I mean, apart from her being selected to participate in the fashion show and the MB TVC shoot, i wonder how the MUO are taking her. I observe Poland is the one they are really favoring—she’s practically everywhere! Even in that Yamamay swimsuit video shoot!

    • It would be difficult to give something based on speculations and scattered feedbacks, but our girl is really giving her all in Moscow. ;-)

      • Wonderful to hear that Norman…that our girl is really “giving her all in Moscow” (no pun intended, hehe) Best of blessings for all her heroic deeds in sacrificing all for our motherland!

    • @ Phil…thanks for sharing that link. I do believe that their assessments of the candidates are fair and square…meaning, they are generally acceptable.
      One can never really be objective about beauty pageants — it is very hard…by whose standards are we judging them?…by whose school of thoughts?
      Beauty attracts…and it is in our own enchanting and magical experience — sometimes mystical, sometimes surreal — that we are convinced that something is truly beautiful. The stronger the X we factor is, the more that we are drawn to the spell of beauty, thus suspending us in awe with our OMGs and WOWs. Thus, our labeling of what is beautiful comes from our encounter with the enchantress, with the fairies, with the princesses…with the goddesses…hence, our naming of what is beautiful is mostly subjective.
      But where lies our own differences in ranking and leveling and placement of the beautiful…of the more beautify…of the most beautiful? Besides our judgment of the physical pulchritude as measured by one’s libido vis-a-vis cultural conditioning of what we are told as the norm of beauty, it is largely in one’s perception of the auras and energies enveloping the entity that spurs us to say “She’s Got It” … Our perception comes from our experience, openness and expertise to detect and visibly see the vibes, energies and auras… Ito yong tinatawag nation sa Filipino na “Malakas ang Dating”, “Hayop sa X factor”…”Tinamaan ako sa Ganda”…Kung has malakas ang tama mas maganda. The important thing again lies in our experience, our openness and expertise…and these three elements are what many of our beauty connoisseurs do have…with these elements that they could rank and fairly and squarely assess those ladies as beautiful, more beautiful and most beautiful.

    • @Phil: Sir, Thanks for the link. Indeed, the article is very well thought of. It would also help me for the prediction game here in Sir Norman’s blog.. ;) . My temp. top 5 list is actually included in that top 15 playoff prediction. It’s just so difficult for now to guess who’s gonna wear that crown on 09 Nov.

      • @lulujojo nieta que mona de purpura malasado.
        Pukelia ni mo de taba y tempura.
        Que pasa mui mui palasog muchacha de grasa.
        Goraca sa septica.
        Nieta de gaga!

  6. If thats the case na hindi nman pla allowed kung nsa ibang country ka boboto nkadestino then voting for ara…..I hope the INC community will help her in this online voting….magaklas na lahat ng pilipino at ibang relihiyon sa pinas for her to win!! Kung sa national elections malaki ang influence ng INC i hope makatulong sila sa kapatid nila….hehehe(just my opinion)☺

    • @Kagandahan……ano ba ang nakasulat sa sash ni AHA? di ba “Philippines” hindi naman “INC” tama? kaya pwede ba, please lang huwag mo nang pakialaman pa ang pananampalataya sa Dios ni Miss AHA. Walang kinalaman ang relihiyon sa patimpalak na MU2013! Kung Pilipino ka dapat lang na Miss Philippines ang iboto mo. Hindi yung kung anu-ano pa ang pinagsasasabi mo. Tanong ko lang, bumoto ka na ba para kay Miss AHA? yun mas makabuluhan pa iyon. :)

      • No doubt for the voting system. Just simply click the pic choose philippines and enter your email add then rate it by 10 then retype the given code. then vote. it will automatically go for ara. No speculations that it will be invalid if you are ofw. Its not true.

      • Aihihi…butmoto na ako 10000x….wala nman akong sinasabi na masama sa relihiyon nya ah….sabi ko lng na malaki ang maitutulong nun….bumbay ako baket?!!! Ano nman pakielam mo opinyon ko un…….@veejay

  7. Judging by the overwhelming photos of AHA with hashtag #missuniverse in the MUO website,she’s definitely on the right track to the coveted crown. It’s like the whole universe is petitioning for AHA to win. Ara’s pics are invading the MU website!!!!

    • Agree ! Look what happen to Misso…their website cannot be found anymore. Maybe because most of the threads are trolls and even racism comments. I’m sure magkakatraffic din etong Blog ni Sir Norman dahil ang mga Vaks na beauty pageants fans maghahanap ng mga updates sa MU 2013 events.

      • @tito norm – congrats tito norm, pa burger ka naman diyan? hihih, seriously congrats and i am proud of you anak i mean apo pala, hihiihi

      • @Lulo Jo…with all sincerity, I thank you. Not that I needed that pat-on-the-back nor I wanted to be acknowledged. It is just I am glad if somebody else sees my point. I do know that there are many of you who are very intelligent to decipher what is bashing and what is analytical and critical sizing up. Others may call me bi-polar for being critically candid about my dislike of the images of ARA that I’ve seen at other times…and for expressing my support for her (encouraging her to loosen-up, to claim the moment, to seize the day (CARPE DIEM). But I don’t really care because I know that people like you who are more educated know what I am talking about. he-he-he…Thanks again!

      • @Benji: Actually I like reading your comments. Kasi nag-vo voice out ka talaga kung ano ‘yong nasa loobin at nakikita na ‘indi pleasing to your taste and to your eyes. Hindi bashing ang tawag ko doon kasi may substance at informative which is good para sa mga katulad ko na di pa gaanong knowledgeable lalo na ‘yang mga gown na ‘yan. Para sa akin kasi pag fit sa nagsuot at maganda tingnan, wa na ‘kitz kever kahit sino fa ang designer nyan. ;)

      • Wow…napaka-righteous naman ng Sheenang ito…akala mo walang pinagtatakpang baho…LOLA, amoy lupa ka na po sa katatago mo sa baho mo!

      • Ha-ha…nagpakatotoo lang na masama ako lalo na sa mga taong sobrang-panaliko na kagaya ni Sheena…kuyang na lang na pag sinabi ni Ara na kainin nya ang nilabas nya Kakainin nya, bwahaha…at pag kinain manan nya yon, feeling pa rin nya sobrang linis nya…Napagkunwari…ayaw ng kapitbahay naming Ministro ni Kuya ng ganun!

    • Eh ano ngayon? Eh sa feeling niya hindi nya ka-level mga kasama nya…ano ngayon kung feeling nya unique siya? Nakakababa ba ng paningin kung naka-heels ang tao? ha-ha-ha!

      • Ha-ha-ha…yong ibang dati na nag-thu-thumbs-down sa akin, biglang nag-thumbs-up sa joke ko sa taas…di nila gets na may “pang-ookray” yong statement ko…mga bobita! I’m sure na babaliktad sila at mag-thuthumbs-down na naman sa post kong ito. Sa mga nag-thumbs-up na hindi naka-gets, ganito yon: Kaya nga naka-heels yong isa kasi nga “vertically chellenged” na ibig sabihin – “hindi sapat ang height nya para pumantay sa mga kasamahan nya”…in short – “short sya”… therefore, di sila magkalevel kasi matatangkad nga mga kasama nya. At yong panghuling hirit doon, kung nakakababa ba ng tingin kung naka-heels ang tao? Syempre sa mga tumitingin hindi, kaya ka nga nag-heels para tumaas ang tingin ng tao, pero bumababa naman ang tingin ng naka-heels kasi nga di na sya titingala pa para tingnan ang mga kasama, bwahahaha…

      • Kung makapagsalita si Benji, akala sa sarili ang lahat ng sinasabi niya ay tama. Hindi niya naiisip na minsan masyado na rin siyang “self-righteous”. And now Benji, you know it.

      • Tama…tama ka dyan…ta-tama-an ka dyan…kaya masakit talaga ang tama, kasi nga taTAMAan ka. Di ba TAMA? TAMA! Ano ba yan, puro na lang ako TAMA, ha-ha-ha!

      • Ha-ha-ha…I am not here to be liked…I am here to share my voice…and it is a bonus if many who have heard it are hurt — for truly, the truth hurts! Magpakatoo, mga Kapatid. Bawal sa totoong religion ang sinungaling.

  8. Once again, Congratulations to ARA for earning the trust and confidence of the Organizer/Sponsor, (MB)…truly a big honor! Whatever may the motive be (economic consideration of the represented country and marketing viability) still it is laudable for Ara to have snatched a slot! With many Filipinos praying for you Ara, opportunities are coming for you to shine. And therefore, make the most of those opportunities to claim that you are a winner…it is your to showcase, to bloom, to mesmerize, to show life…to cooperate with the blessings and opportunities. Let loose, ARA…no holding back. It is a bit disappointing to see you holding back and not “striking hard” while the iron is hot. Take the second picture for example…while Poland, Germany and Austria are extending their arms in jubilation and proclaiming their winsome personalities by having the most of FUN, there you are, crossing your arms in reclusion, showing indifference…not wanting to have one spirit with the team. The situation is exacerbated with your half-smile. There is nothing wrong to show your uniqueness and individuality…show it in the runway, in the stage, in challenges…but not in a matter that you just want to be different with the group when everyone is enjoying ang having fun…and when everyone is celebrating their blessings and being grateful for the opportunities…not in a manner you want it when everyone is joyful and celebrating life!

    • For all we know, that’s the instruction of the photographer. We weren’t there to witness what really happened, were we? Ang dami mo ng nasabi kay Ara base lang sa isang photo na yan. Meron din photos na she’s doing the same pose as the other girls. I know you want Ara to win but sometimes OA na ang pag- batikos.
      Maybe she’s being noticed and hand picked by the heads of these different events simply because she’s not trying too hard (pilit/ plastik) like the other girls…They’re in Russia and it has a different culture. People there may or may not respond well to the “cheerleader” and “too bubbly” attitude. So for me tama lang na relax sya. Hindi OA. Sabi nga ni Janine “Chill chill ka lang dapat”. I believe that Ara knows how to play this game as she’s not new to the world of pageantry. She’s on the right track because she’s getting gig after gig as proof to that.

    • @benji- i love how ara “crossed her arms in reclusion” its like look at the im the boss so back haterssss. hahaha

      • @benji – yah meron yung humble at educated and please i wasnt referring my comment to you so knock it off, no time for this, gees

      • @queen_b…unfortunaely, hindi ganun ang dating sa akin…yeah, I have looked at her…but as a”boss”? May boss ba na kulang sa angas?…and the thing is: I have not backed-off, ha-ha-ha!

    • Kung makapagsalita ka feeling mo ikaw si Jonas Gaffud? pakiramdam mo naman pikikinggan ka ng mga kapwa blogger mo? pasikat ka pa! pweh! manalangin ka na lang, hindi yung kung anu-anong pagmamagaling pa ang mga pinagsasasabi mo. che!

      • Lola, nirerespeto ko si Jonas at humahanga ako sa kanya – may sarili naman akong feeling, di na kailangang magkunwari. Mabuti na yong ibinabahagi mo ang iyong pananaw kahit na nakakasakit — yon naman kasi ang katangian ng totoo, masakit pero nakapagpalaya! Naaawa na nga ako sa mga kagaya mo, LOLA, na putak ng putak pero wala namang sense ang mga sinasabi, ginagawa mo lang na uto-uto ang sarili mo. By the way, ingat lagi Lola…ingat at baka ka masagasaan ng PISON! (ay engot…nasagasaan nga, bwahaha)

  9. Never mind Global Basuras, alam nman nating bias ang site na yan sa mga Pinoy, wag na ring patulan ang mga bashers kasi kahit anung gawin nila never silang makakasali sa Miss Universe.

  10. Ayan na…

    Sobrang dami na bashers sa lahat ng forums from all over the world… Pinagtutulungan na halos lahat ng mga Pilipino ng mga ibat-ibang lahi dahil sa kagagawan din ng sarili nating mga kababayan na walang bilib sa sarili at sa ating kapwa…Ang hindi ko maintindihan e bakit madaming Pilipino ang feeling ay hindi deserving ang pagkapanalo ng sariling candidata natin?.. Napaka deserving naman ni Megan and Mutya.. pero pati sila tinutuligsa ang pagka panalo.. hindi kaya ang mismong mga bashers nating kapwa Pilipino ay may inferiority complex sa mga foreigners dahil sila mismo ay hindi maganda ang paningin o may kakulangan ang tingin nila sa kanilang sarili?.. Paano na pag si Janicel Lubina na ang nanalo ng BBP or MWP?… Ibaba din ba nila lalo ang kanyang moral dahil siya ay isang hamak na dating kasambahay lamang?

    I believe that having the determination and resiliency despite all the adversity makes a woman the most beautiful of all. IMO, Ariella Arida has those qualities and more!!!!!


    • @closer- hayaan mo na, ang taong pilit binababa ng kapwa at siya nalang tinataas ng panginoon, so pray nalang for ara

      • Natawa ako sa masamang damo. LOL. Isama mo na ang utak talangka. Okay lang daw magsabi ng totoo kahit masakit kasi the truth will set you free? Time’s have really changed. Look at that twisted thinking there :\

      • ignore nalang ang mga bashers. masamang damo yan sila eh. Basta ang importante, may laban tayo. Ma feel naman natin ah, kahit may tumutuligsa, pero lalong ginaganahan si ara sa pag aarangkada.

  11. Ara’s finally let loose ! Yeah, she’s really giving it all in these pics. The grin, the thumbs up, her hands on the wheel even though the car’s not moving! Oh yeah, werk it gurl !

  12. FINALLY !!! Miss Mexico landed a gig !! Lupita Jones can now breathe a sigh of relief, WHEW !

    Next up: Miss British Virgin Islands

  13. cannot be more proud for ara! imagine coming to Moscow with the biggest pressure on her back from Megan and Mutya’s wins not to mention Venus shamcey and Janine’s threepeat and her much talked about interview in ANC, ara has made a complete turn around of these situations and become one of the most popular delegates in Moscow! So popular that major sponsors clamor for her beauty to grace their businesses! Mercedes Benz is huge!! to have you’re name and face affiliated to this product is a major accomplishment only a select group of people in the world can actually claim. ara must be the envy of most candidates as she keeps bagging the most sought after gigs in the pageant! Congrats ara with that exotic Filipina beauty I’m confident you will bag the ultimate gig of the event miss universe title! :)

    • Hi Norms, I’m just wondering why Ara was not included in the YamamaY video shoot while Poland is everywhere! She’s included in ALL events! Seems the PINAKA-paborito. I have a strong feeling the MUO is realling loving to crown her.

  14. Norms, can you pls help me confirm the truth about the voting procedure: from what I heared, the Ms U organization will only take online votes from the contestant’s country. That to do this, they will check the IP address of the voter’s email. If this is indeed true, then the kababayan’s vote from other countries will not be counted :( Plus, votes from the US (with IP address in the US) might be accidentally counted as votes for the USA – as an example.

    Please clarify this rumor. I voted for Ara nonstop since early morning. I don’t want my votes to go wasted!

    • @Jim I think they meant that they will only take votes from people living in participating countries in Miss Universe. So, people in Dubai cannot vote since Dubai does not participate in Miss Universe at all. I don’t think that if you live for example in Sweden your votes will only go to the Swedish candidate even though you voted for Philippines.

      You’re still free to vote whoever you want as long as you live in a country participating in the Miss Universe pageant.

      • @alexandraflora thanks. I truly hope you’re right. The voting rules are quite confusing. On this note, I highly urge Ara’s supporters there in the Philippines to make every effort to vote for her! At least we are 100% sure that their votes will be counted.

      • You mean the millions OFW votes from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar, etc. shall not be counted to AHA? ridiculous! :( Tito Norms, please shed light on this…… :(

    • Ha? Ganun yung boto ko mapupunta kay USA,, saka isang buto lang counted kase they check the ip address, sakin okey lang nalaman siguro nila yung pandaraya ng santol,, assumption ko lang po thank you!

    • Hold your horses people. I don’t think they will waste their time checking the IP for that matter. That’s BS if ever they do that.

    • Hi, what they meant was one vote per ip address. It doesnt matter where you are, or any part of the world. You can still vote and be counted. Remember, they are asking for email add as well to count as one vote. Hence, every internet subscription we have has an ip address. Every pc n mobile we used has its own ip addresses as well. Thanks

  15. hahaha i don’t want to say that Global Beauties is biased with our own ariella arida. I can’t believed that they put ara in the 23rd spot. I hate to see it just like missosology. Are they blind to see that Ara shines like a star in Moscow? I do believed that Ara will not fail us. I have high hopes that she can make it to the top 5 and eventually win the crown…LOVE ARA ARIDA!!!!

    • Who cares about misso they are not relevant anyway lets care about ara and Tito norm of course, seems like Tito norm had done more work that bpci and Jonas to expose ara, yey, #titonormforthewin hihihihi

    • Kalma lng. Tama ba ang predictions nila parati? Hindi nmn di ba? So mas ok na hindi ikaw ung I predict kasi ul have more chance of winning.:)

      Si Ana licaros at Bianca manalo are examples. And other candidates from other countries na nasa prediction nila pero clapper lang. No offense to Bianca and Ana.

      Just believe. Kaya natin yan. Be positive!

      Minsan kasi madami lang nagmamagaling.

      Jonas will not send Ara there unprepared.
      And it is a unique and special talent to have a trained eye like him.
      Wag magdunong dunungan. Sa halip ay suportahan natin ang kapwa Pinoy.

      Laban Pinoy!

  16. Wow Ara!!! one of only 5 out of 86 Ms. Universe contestants for Mercedes Benz commercial. 2 Thumbs up!!! Can you believe guys, she only ranks 23rd in Global Beauties latest Leaderboard?

    • Hayaan mo yan, ang importante yung actual pageant!,, they ignored ara cause they dont want filipinas to place again! Remember ms.supra 2013 Philippines, Ms.World 2013 Philippines then Ms. UNIVERSE 2013 Philippines again?! SO FAR ARA DO WELL IN RUSSIA!,, the basher will not stop they bash ara to the highest level! Foreign!,bash ara cause of jelousy especially yung mga santolan, some filipino basher are the fans of the looser!! Some filipino basher ashamed on their own race diba delfina babalu!

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