15 comments on “Miss Venezuela 2013: the hot new beauties are here!

  1. I don’t understand why most of them have fake breasts… is that a strict requirement before you join this pageant?

  2. Lets play a game, it’s called lookalike of miss Venezuela candidates 2013. they can be either a celebrity, beauty queens, host, etc local or international, boys or girls as long as they look like miss Venezuela candidates 2013. This will be so much fun,

    My take – second row in the middle looks like mutya datul
    First row in the middle looks like Theresa licaros
    First row second pic looks like lia Andrea Ramos
    Third row second pic looks like marry Ann umali
    Fourth row second pic looks like Celine dion
    Third row last pic looks like Nina garcia
    First row first pic looks like zandro from my husband’s lover
    Last row last pic looks like vice ganda

    This is so much fun, hahahaha your turn people

  3. Although i Like mutya datul’s look alike, second row in the middle, she looks exotic, can pass for Asian or native(aboriginal).

  4. I believe their beauty’s starting to fade out in pageant world that’s why they experimenting through plastic surgery, honestly Venezuela’s so called powerhouse status are soon done and i The think Asian and Caucasian, black beauty are rising up. Just stating my observations

    P.s. honestly most of their candididates(miss Venezuela) looks plasticky and tranny’ishh I think only 2 or 3 does look like a woman, again just stating my observations

    • Starting to fade?? Take a look at Venezuela’s track record in the last 5 years (2007 to 2012):

      Miss Universe 2012 2nd runner-up
      Miss International 2012 top 15

      Miss World 2011 WINNER
      Miss International 2011 1st runner-up
      Miss Universe 2011 top 16

      Miss International 2010 WINNER
      Miss World 2010 2nd runner-up

      Miss Universe 2009 WINNER
      Miss International 2009 top 15

      Miss Universe 2008 WINNER
      Miss International 2008 top 12
      Miss World 2008 top 15

      Miss Universe 2007 2nd runner-up
      Miss International top 12
      Miss World 2007 top 15

      Venezuela won 4 major titles within this 5-year period, not counting their runner-up and semifinalist placements! Now let me know what you think are the “up-and-coming pageant powerhouses” that comes even close to Venezuela’ track record!

      Starting to fade?? In your dreams… LOL!

      • Yeah queen it’s wishful thinking. I agree that the girls look like they should be on dragrace. But maybe that’s the make up and styling

      • @yura: I agree with you. Regardless of how the Venezulans may appear to others, be it tranny this or plastic surgery that, Miss venezuela’s track record speaks for itself and they know what it takes to WIN. Venezuela is THE pageant powerhouse. PERIOD. In addition to Venezuela’s superlative track record in MW, MU and MI that you’ve already listed above, let me also include their solid track record in the Miss Earth pageant:

        Miss Earth Water 2012,
        Miss Earth Fire 2011,
        Miss Earth 2010 Finalist,
        Miss Earth Water 2009,
        Miss Earth 2008 Finalist,
        Miss Earth Water 2007,
        Miss Earth Fire 2006,
        Miss Earth 2005 WINNER

        Pageant fans who say Venezuela is on a downhill slide are either ignorant fools who don’t think before they open their big mouths, or are envious, insecure and delusional bitches. YES, that’s sad but TRUE. DEAL WITH IT.

      • @yura- past record that is, I am talking about present and future, trust me Venezuela will never make it again well maybe as a top 16 or top 10 but that doesnt count, it must be the major award. trust me i know and I speak “NATURAL”LY. As for a real powerhouse I believe USA still got the top
        2- philippines
        3- USA
        4- Philippines
        5- USA
        6- Philippines
        7- USA
        8- Philippines
        9- USA
        And finally 10 – Venezuela


      • @venus – it’s not the make up or styling Venus it’s their “NATURAL FACE”, NOT, hahahahaha

  5. Magganda kayo, pero ang tanong e maganda pa ba kayo pag katabi ko na kayo?
    Facundo, ang tyaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ang powerhouse country of pageantry ay tinalo ng Pilipinas for 3 consecutive years, what an achievement indeed.
    Sino ang mag-aakalang ang matalim na panga ni Tugonon ay magiging 1st runner up at 2nd runner up lang ang factory made na si Irene Esseng-ng-Tondo.
    Lola Osmel, matanda ka na, gardening na lang ang asikasuhin mo.
    Mag-bonding kayo nina Manay Manoling Morato at Manong Johny.
    Gusto ko Happy ka!

    Wally Bayola, 69, Ngasab-Ngsab Street, Victoria Court!

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